About Ambrosium

Ambrosium follows the lives of many people, all dealing with their demons. Some more literal demons than others.


Airdans: Tall, pale, carnivorous people who live in the high north.

Kokili: Vegetarian, elf-like people from the desert.

Human: Wide-spread.

Mountain Men: Isolated giants who live in the northern mountains.

Sythlorian: Large lizard men. Live in the low valley of Airda.


Tommy Rahal
Tommy's an Airdan man and a shamed prince, removed from the family lineage. Now he lives more or less on the street making ends meet.
A young Kokili boy who only became a soldier so he could feed his family. Shooting stuff is fun too though.
Captain of the Riders of Noroc. Isn't a nice guy.
Eila Sommerset
Daughter of a very rich businessman, Eila has never worked a day in her life and has more money than she needs. She'd love some friends to dump it on.
Hidukul Rahal
King of Airda. He's not very good at running his kingdom or his family.
Horus Sommerset
Eila's father. A very rich businessman with an unsatisfactory side job.