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ParadoxComic, September 6th, 2015, 11:05 pm ( Reply )
One update a week is sooo slow. Hope to get back to twice a week soon.


Eilonwyn-chan, September 7th, 2015, 1:33 am ( Reply )
I kinda love this dynamic, not gonna lie. Eila was totally into having sex, had a great time, has some reservations about it, really likes Tommy as a person...and isn't doing that again, just NOPE. It's all complex and there's a bunch of stuff going on, but they're both acting like enthusiastic, (reasonably) responsible adults.

Idk, it's just really cool.
Shaleene, September 7th, 2015, 2:19 am ( Reply )
This page and the last are both numbered 3.13
NightmareNatarii iT IS SOOOOO WEIRD
NightmareNatarii, September 8th, 2015, 1:01 am ( Reply )
Reading this now - how much the dynamic has changed from when you first wrote paradox - I LOVE this so much more too tbh - I love Tommy and Elias Dynamic -and I cant wait to see how much you've evolved them from the first run through. And Ive got a way worse crush on Tommy now then ever and its awful XD