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ParadoxComic, January 22nd, 2017, 7:36 pm ( Reply )
Gotta get yourself one of them fancy floors with carpet n' everything.


Quadrant, January 22nd, 2017, 7:57 pm ( Reply )
Uh oh. Tommy's face looks mad last panel. He's not gonna go on a rant about how economic migrants are draining jobs and taking capital outside the country even though he's a migrant, is he?
Lana (Guest), January 22nd, 2017, 9:59 pm ( Reply )
It looks like Tommy is more confused than anything. Seriously, how would a prince ever understand not having a floor? It doesn't seem like this version of Tommy has been on the streets that long and the concept of a house without a floor is just puzzling! XD
Shaleene, January 23rd, 2017, 1:05 pm ( Reply )
I agree with Lana. His face looks more like "Wait no floor? how does that even happen?!" Type of thing.